Lawn Conversion Resources for HOAs & Developers

We’re passionate about helping HOAs and developers in Colorado and the West create landscapes that enhance beauty (and property value), conserve water and save money.

If you’re interested in converting parts of your traditional lawns to waterwise landscaping and/or low-water turf grass, please scroll down to find resources to help guide you and your community.

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Ways to save money during turf conversions

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Become a Plant Select HOA Garden

We help guide our Plant Select HOA communities and share a select number of new plants each year. In return, you agree to share your community’s water usage and landscape maintenance costs before and after converting to low-water landscaping over a multi-year period, so we can quantify the savings.

Learn about becoming a Plant Select HOA Garden (PDF).

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If you’re an HOA or developer that wants to explore the value of waterwise landscaping, please reach out to Ross Shrigley of Plant Select at (970) 481-3429