Waterwise Native Shrubs for Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and the Semi-Arid West

June 28th, 2023
Native shrubs for Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and more

Left to right, top row: Dwarf leadplant. Fernbush.
Second row: Apache plume. Autumn Amber sumac.
Third row: Hardy manzanitas. PAWNEE BUTTES® sand cherry.
Fourth row: Baby Blue dwarf rabbitbrush. Blue Jazz pinyon pine.
Bottom row: Guernsey Green juniper. SILVER TOTEM™ buffaloberry. Littleleaf mountain mahogany.

Looking for ways to create waterwise beauty without breaking your budget?

Explore selections of native shrubs from the intermountain west!

Western native shrubs often:

  • Need minimal to no watering (once they’re established), so you can spend less time and money on irrigation.
  • Grow horizontally, so it takes fewer plants to make a big impact.
  • Tend to look better in their natural state (rather than heavily sheared and shaped), so you can spend less time and money on maintenance.
  • Look like the intermountain west, so your landscape reflects local beauty.
  • Provide texture and structure during the winter, so your landscape looks interesting year-round.
  • Offer habitat and food for birds, bees and more.
  • Can thrive in the toughest spots, like medians, slopes and those narrow strips between sidewalks and streets.

The regionally native selections featured in the image above are ideal for Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and more.

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