Plant Select: Native Origins of Plants

Plant Select has selections of 90+ plants native to North America, including 45+ Colorado natives.

How to use this page:

  • On the left, you’ll see a “1” and a “2”. Click 1 for the North American plants. Click 2 to for the International Steppe plants.
  • Click on 1 or 2 to activate the data. Then you can sort the data by column. (TIP: Hover your mouse slightly under the bold column headers. When a little hand icon appears, you can sort the data.)
  • Need help? Look for three dots in the upper right corner. Click on those dots to sort or export.
  • Plant Select® uses a coding system when creating a unique cultivar name where appropriate. For reference: Genus species ‘Cultivar’ PP patent number
  • The URLs show native origin details. (Some plants are missing URLs because they are hybrids.)