Blue Jazz – a cool note for a hot garden

Blue Jazz pinyon pineBlue Jazz is a dwarf selection of  piñon pine (Pinus monophylla) that features pointed blue-toned needles that curve upwards towards the sky and an overall teardrop shape that adds a unique texture and color to the landscape. It was selected by renowned dwarf conifer expert Jerry Morris at a location west of Sacramento Pass near Baker, NV at about 8,000 feet in elevation.

This selection is a single needle form of piñon pine, a group of trees  known to survive for hundreds of years.  They’ve evolved to exhibit single-needled leaves in order to conserve water, while most other pines exhibit multiple needles per bundle (or fascicle). This xeric treasure is a great choice for all water conscious gardeners who recognize the growing concerns of water resources in our region and seek a plant that is unusual, compact in size and evergreen.

Plant this little beauty in hot, dry locations where reflective heat may have been a problem or in rock gardens where an evergreen element is desired.  Blue Jazz is a tough resilient plant, but is best in locations with light or no foot traffic, as broken branches can affect the overall shape and habit. Simply put, this plant is a must have for all xeric landscapes.  Over time Blue Jazz grows slowly and steadily and will be a distinctive stand out in the landscape, much like Louis Armstrong in a jazz ensemble.

Blue Jazz piñon pine
Pinus monophylla ‘Blue Jazz’

Dwarf conifer
Size:  24ʺ x 24″  (Grows only 1-3ʺ per year)
Sun: Full sun to part shade
Water: Dry to Xeric
Hardiness: USDA zones 4-7
Culture: Well-drained, sandy soil
Pairs Well With:
Turquoise Tails sedum
Mock bearberry manzanita
Scott’s sugarbowls

Thanks to Ross Shrigley, Fort Collins Wholesale Nursery for this piece

2 responses to “Blue Jazz – a cool note for a hot garden”

  1. tish varney says:

    Where can I buy Blue Jazz piñon pine? I live in Durango, CO.

    • Pat Hayward says:

      Kirk Fieseler at Laporte Avenue Nursery, Fort Collins, sells them wholesale. I’ve got a query into him about retail sales or who he ships to down your way. Will let you know when I hear back!

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