Oenothera fremontii ‘Shimmer’: A Cheery Nativar Evening Primrose

Shimmer Evening Primrose

Oenothera ‘Shimmer’PP#19663 is a selection of a Great Plains native, also known as a nativar. Its cheerful, large lemon-yellow flowers bloom for a long time, beginning profusely in late spring and re-blooming throughout the summer and into fall, scenting the warm evening air with a soft fragrance. Shimmer is a great pollinator plant, attracting bees, sphinx moths, and butterflies. 

Shimmer was selected by horticulturists Lauren Springer and Scott Ogden for its extra narrow, grassy silver foliage mound which is made yet more delightful when dotted with the bright yellow flowers. It has a compact, refined habit compared to most evening primroses, only getting about 10” tall and 15-18” wide. This plant loves the sun and is quite drought tolerant after establishment.  Use it in the front of perennial borders, in containers or in xeric plantings. Native to Kansas and Nebraska, it’s well suited to a sunny life in clay, loam or sandy soils with minimal water. Shimmer will join the Plant Select family of plants in 2023. 

Thanks to Lauren Springer, author and renowned horticulturist, for this piece! 

Height: 8-10”

Width: 16-18”

Flowering season: May to Frost

Light: Full sun to partial sun

Water Needs: Dry to xeric after establishment

USDA Hardiness Zone 4-8 

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