Melinis nerviglumis: Raise a Glass to Pink Crystals® Ruby Grass


Melinus nerviglumis ‘Pink Crystals’ Ruby Grass

There’s something magical about pink champagne bubbles in your glass– and in your garden! Pink Crystals Ruby Grass (Melinis nerviglumis ‘Pink Crystals’) provides shimmering bits of floating pink flower heads that are every bit as celebratory as a fine champagne. 

Hailing from Africa, this grass is treated as an annual here and is perfect in containers, borders and garden beds. It thrives in full to partial sun and is free of insect and disease issues. Plant it after all danger of frost has passed, then enjoy the blue-green foliage in its compact clump form until July when the plant feels it’s time to celebrate summer with its frothy pink plumes. You’ll be delighted for the rest of the growing season! 

Highlight the airy seedheads by planting it near garden gems with silvery, bold foliage like Silver Sage (Salvia argentea) or plants with burgundy foliage including annual wax begonias or coleus. Create dazzling bouquets by adding some panicles to fresh or dried flower arrangements. In the fall, the foliage will turn purplish and finally brown which is when you can harvest some seeds for next year. Plant them after the last frost for another season of champagne bubbles. Cheers! 

View the plant profile here.

Height: 20-24”

Width: 12-16”

Blooms: July to October

Sun: Full sun to partial sun

Soil Moisture: Dry-moderate

Hardiness: Annual in USDA zones 4-6

Culture: Loam

Elevation: Up to 6200 feet

Thanks to Bev Shaw of Plant Select® for this piece. 

2 responses to “Melinis nerviglumis: Raise a Glass to Pink Crystals® Ruby Grass”

  1. Christine says:

    Do you have any idea of which nurseries in Denver Metro may be stocking this?

    • Ross Shrigley-Plant Select says:

      Nicks, Tagawas, Country Fair, City Floral Greenhouse would be some places I’d start.

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