Lavender Ice: cool off with this hot new plant

Delosperma Lavender Ice CROPIce, ice baby! Do you need something to cool off a hot spot in your garden? Well, look no further. Lavender Ice (Delosperma ‘Psfave’) is a new comer to the delosperma genus that is sure to fit the bill.

This icy hot little plant comes to Plant Select® from the plantswomen of Perennial Favorites in Rye, CO, Diana Capen & Merrilee Barnett. It is a sport of TABLE MOUNTAIN® ice plant (Delosperma ‘John Proffitt’), keeping the same great mat- forming foliage that tinges purple in the fall and winter. The difference is the shimmering iridescent lavender flowers with a striking dark eye that will keep your hot spot cool all summer.

Lavender Ice is sure to please in a variety of garden conditions, but prefers well- drained soils in a full sun situation. Less is more with Lavender Ice so keep it on the dry side when irrigating and you’ll have a thriving plant covered with a glistening show of flowers all summer. Avoid a situation of winter snow cover and Lavender Ice will return year after year to dazzle your garden with sparkling color.

Lavender Ice combines well with agastache, penstemon, salvia, & other delospermas, providing a glittering carpet of lavender flowers to compliment the purples, oranges, and reds of these garden staples. As the hot days of summer have your garden longing for a cool drink, Lavender Ice will provide the frosty glass of color that hits the spot.

View the plant profile here or see the video here.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Thank you for redirecting us to the plant profile and the video. Help us better understand the whole plant.

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