EVERSILVER™ creeping germander will creep its way into your heart

EVERSILVER™ creeping germander
Teucrium ‘Harlequin’s Silver’  

Photo by Michael Guidi

EVERSILVER™ creeping germander provides a bright carpet of silvery foliage throughout the year making it an ideal, controlled groundcover for the waterwise garden. In early summer, it’s covered with beautiful purple flowers. It often reblooms in the fall, providing a late season source of nectar for pollinators. 

Native to the Mediterranean Balearic Islands, it thrives on alkaline, rocky, well-drained soils in full sun. Sand, gravel, low fertility, heat, cold… this creeping germander can handle them all.

This fine addition to the rock garden looks good twelve months of the year. The silver dissected foliage is truly eye-catching.

Pair it with lavender and rosemary for an aromatic, attractive celebration of Mediterranean plants. Or try it next to Golden-Flowered Prairie Zinnia for a striking contrast of yellow and blue. The aroma of EVERSILVER™ creeping germander’s crushed foliage is hard to pin down, but it has been described as reminiscent of pineapple, fruit gum or honey. Whatever its scent, it’s a stunning, low-maintenance garden perennial. 

See the plant profile here.

Height: 4-6″

Width: 24-36″

Flowering season: May to July, may rebloom in fall

Light: Full sun

Water: Dry

USDA Hardiness Zones: 5-10

2 responses to “EVERSILVER™ creeping germander will creep its way into your heart”

  1. Karen McCarthy says:

    is this a chance seedling of T. aronium or a hybrid? I see no reference to parentage. Thx

    • Ross Shrigley-Plant Select says:

      It’s a hybrid with genetics from both Teucrium aroanium and Teucrium cossonii. Be aware, there are a lot of mislabeled plants out there when it comes to these genus and species. Definitely look for EVERSILVER and that will be the silver zone 5 Teucrium you are looking for.

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