A Tale of Three Veronicas

Veronica, oh Veronica – how many ways can we love thee? Three!!

We began this journey with Turkish veronica (Veronica liwanensis), followed by CRYSTAL RIVERS™ veronica, and now we say hello to the latest addition to the Plant Select® family. SNOWMASS® blue-eyed veronica is the new darling of the group. SNOWMASS® appeared at Denver Botanic Gardens as a spontaneous cross with Turkish veronica (V. liwanensis) and an unknown creeping veronica, perhaps Veronica repens, who knows, we’re not sure.  What is known is that it is totally new and exciting!

SNOWMASS® blue-eyed veronica dazzles with sparkling white flowers accented with a captivating blue ring in the center that deepens as the flower ages. Snowmass® grows very similar to its sister CRYSTAL RIVERS veronica with glossy, green scalloped leaves.  It grows with vigor, filling in spaces much quicker than Turkish veronica and blooming just a tad later. SNOWMASS® exhibits all the fabulous versatility as other creeping veronica in the garden.  It is excellent as filler between stepping stones, it will spill and trail over walls, or creep as a delightful groundcover running beneath perennials and flowering shrubs. SNOWMASS® is at home in a semi xeric garden and can take a bit more water and grows best when planted in a full sun situation. Plant throughout the garden as the canvas to highlight darker flowers and it will make ‘em pop!

Say hello to SNOWMASS® blue-eyed veronica, an enchanting new jewel for Plant Select®.  Bedazzle your garden with its avalanche of shimmering, sapphire-eyed diamonds.

View the plant profile here.

SNOWMASS® blue-eyed veronica
Veronica ×’P018S’

Height:  1-2”
Width:  15-18”
Blooms:  White with blue eye, late spring through early summer
Hardiness:  USDA zones 3-10
Culture:  Adaptable

Deer Resistant

Pairs Well With:
Turkish veronica

Thanks to Diana Reavis of Eason Horticultural Resources for this article

9 responses to “A Tale of Three Veronicas”

  1. Gaye Briggs says:

    Is Snowmass Veronica evergreen like Turkish Veronica?
    Thank you,

    • Ross Shrigley says:

      Yes, as evergreen as Turkish Veronica has been my experience as long as it does not dry out too much if there is a mild winter.

  2. Yvonne Richardson says:

    Snowmass is a beautiful plant. Is it available as mail order?

  3. alison bowles says:

    i have been trying to locate seed or flats to fill in a large area and am not able to find any. Do you know where or who would have any supply?

    • Ross Shrigley says:

      This sounds like a great project! Please send pictures when complete. These plants are only propagated by cuttings so there isn’t any seed available. Contact a retailer and see if they will special order your flats of these plants for this job. Visit this linkVisit this link for a retailer near you.

  4. Barbara Rowes says:

    Hi, One of your pictures shows Turkish Veronica around some paving stones with white and pink flowers. I love this look. What are the white and pink flowers?
    Also is there a special technique to planting them around the paving stones? They seem to mound. Is that natural growth or do you do something to do that.
    Thanks so much!

    • Ross Shrigley-Plant Select says:

      I believe the white flowers are Greek yarrow plants (Achillea ageratifolia) and the pink are soapworts (Saponaria officinalis) The Greek yarrow should have been a Plant Select plant a long time ago. It is a great plant! The mounding of the plants between the stones where plants grow is typical of which ever groundcover you put between the stones. Plants tend to create their own habitat in those spaces in order to optimize their squeezed growing situation. Enjoy!

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