UNDAUNTED® Ruby Muhlenbergia

Muhlenbergia_reverchoniii_Hillside_spruce_LSO COLOR CORRECTED

This low maintenance, clumping grass is a beautiful native with red clouds of flowers. A long-lived plant, this gorgeous grass will remain attractive throughout the winter months.

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‘Gold on Blue’ – Not Your Typical Zinnia

Zinnia grand Gold on Blue_David Salman SMALL

This native prairie Zinnia will keep your garden beautiful with golden-yellow blooms in late summer! As a resilient, virtually maintenance free plant, it will keep your garden lively for years to come!

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Bring on the butterflies (Buddleia)

Buddleja alternifolia_D. Winger

Some butterfly bushes are a menace to native habitats, but Silver Fountain has proven to be non-invasive AND a great butterfly attractor, too!

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