PLATINUM sage: precious treasure

Salvia daghestanica Plant Select

PLATINUM® sage is a knockout beauty in the sunny, dry garden. The deep blue flowers contrast with an electric intensity against silver foliage that is indeed stunning. The compact size of PLATINUM® sage lends it great versatility. The neat, silver rosettes of foliage are perfect for edging sunny, dry borders or easily tucked into the rock garden in tidy clumps. In addition, it is equally useful as a low growing companion with other xeric perennials or shrubs. As flowering diminishes the rosettes of textured, silvery leaves continue to draw attention into the weeks of winter.

Sunny locations in well drained soil provide the optimum growing conditions for this little beauty. PLATINUM® sage has proven resistant to browsing by deer and rabbits. Look for this and other great Plant Select® recommendations and introductions at independent garden centers and nurseries.   

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PLATINUM® sage (Salvia daghestanica)

Height: 8-10″
Width: 12-18″
Blooms: Spring and early summer
Sun: Full sun to partial shade
Soil Moisture: Moderate to xeric. Good drainage
Hardiness: USDA zones 5-10 (has been grown up to 6,000feet)
Culture: Garden loam or sandy soil

Thanks to Harriett McMillan, Echter’s Greenhouse & Garden Center, for writing this piece.

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