A spreading shrub for urban landscapes – Autumn Amber three leaf sumac

Rhus trilobata Autumn Amber Plant SelectAutumn Amber sumac is a perfect ground cover shrub that can serve as living mulch, especially if you are weary of your mulch blowing away in the wind.  It brings a graceful vegetative life to sunny, wide open spaces. Autumn Amber softens the hardscape of terraced walls and rock features and brings a naturalized look to the landscape.  This is a dependable selection that establishes readily in one season with regular irrigation.  Once established, Autumn Amber will cover sizeable space, so it is a good choice for larger landscapes.

Maintaining growth that exceeds the space is a simple task.  Use hand pruners to trim branches to the desired length.  Sprucing up your living mulch in the spring to remove winter leaf litter is easily done with a leaf blower or a rake.

Fall color will vary from yellow to deep amber depending on the season.  This is an easy plant to love for its durability and easy to grow nature – add in the attractive foliage and low maintenance and Autumn Amber Sumac is sure to become a landscape staple for Colorado gardens.

View the plant profile here.

Rhus trilobata ‘Autumn Amber’
Height: 10”-14”
Width: 6’-8’
Blooms: Insignificant
Sun: Full Sun
Water: Moderate to xeric
Hardiness: Zones 4-8
Culture: loam or sandy soils

Thanks to Ross Shrigley, Fort Collins Wholesale Nursery for submitting this piece

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