Mojave sage

Salvia pachyphylla

Mojave sage, Salvia pachyphylla, Plant Select
Mojave sage, Salvia pachyphylla, Plant Select
The intensely aromatic, evergreen foliage has great substance. Silver-green leaves set off persistent mauve bracts that surround the flowers. Shrubby perennial. Xeriscape. There are cultivars of this plant on the market now, but the Plant Select selection—the wild species— is wonderful! Read more here.

Tips from the pros: Plant in spring so that plants are fully established by fall. There should be good drainage for winter moisture to drain away from the roots. Prune in spring to remove damaged or unattractive stems. Woody stems will develop and it's best to not prune back into the woody stem, but just above.
Plant Type Perennial
Height 18-24 inches
Width 24-30 inches
Flowering Season Mid- to late summer
Flower Color Purple
Sun Sun
Water Needs Moderate to xeric
USDA Hardiness Zone Zones 5-10
Soil Type Loam, sandy
Deer Resistant Yes
Good for Pollination Yes
Winter Interest No
North American Native Yes
Year Introduced 2005
Annual Commercial Maintenance No maintenance, can turn woody and won't need trimning back.
5-10 Year Commercial Maintenance Follow annual maintenance. This can be a long lived if growing conditions are correct.
Elevation Guide Up to 6200 ft