CHEYENNE® mock orange

Philadelphus lewisii 'PWY01S'

Cheyenne Mock Orange, Philadelphus lewisii, Plant Select
CHEYENNE® mock orange outperforms other species and varieties of Philadelphus with its profusion of pure white flowers that blanket the plant late in spring and continue to bloom sporadically until mid-summer. Four-petaled flowers have an eye-catching yellow center and a sweet citrusy fragrance that is sure to satisfy your olfactory senses. Cheyenne Mockorange has a soft texture that is not usually found in native/xeric shrubs and certainly breaks the mold of what many people think a tough, drought-tolerant shrub looks like. The blue-green, oval-shaped leaves and pleasing billowy habit (that can become somewhat vase-shaped with age) make this a perfect plant for a mixed-shrub planting or at the back of a perennial border in a naturalistic landscape. It can get somewhat large with time, but size can be maintained by pruning once blooming has finished. It is a perfect shrub for Colorado as it tolerates poor, heavy soil, even thriving in dry shaded locations.
Plant Type Shrub
Height 6-9 feet
Width 5-8 feet
Flowering Season Early to midsummer
Flower Color White
Sun Sun, Partial Sun
Water Needs Adaptable
USDA Hardiness Zone Zones 3-9
Soil Type Dry clay, sandy loam
Deer Resistant Yes
Good for Pollination Yes
Winter Interest Yes
North American Native Yes
Year Introduced 2001
Annual Commercial Maintenance Can take spring shearing in spring if desired, or just prune back hard every 5 years to rejuvinate thick growth habit.
5-10 Year Commercial Maintenance In the spring trim down to a mound of 3 feet and allow shrub to rejuvinate.
Elevation Guide Up to 8125 ft

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