Desert beardtongue (aka, desert penstemon)

Penstemon pseudospectabilis

Desert penstemon or beardtongue | Penstemon pseudospectabilis | Plant Select - a dark pink penstemon
Mounds of deep blue green, toothed foliage are topped with wands of vivid purple-magenta trumpets for much of the growing season. This long-lived perennial thrives in water-thrifty gardens where it attracts hummingbirds in daylight and hawkmoths at dusk. It makes a striking contrast alongside yellow daisies, especially chocolate flower, both thriving on neglect. Nearly evergreen through mild winters. Xeriscape.

Tips from the pros: May reseed some. Deadhead for the first two years to avoid seed set - will result in a stronger plant. Thrives in disturbed soils - aerate surrounding soil with push aerator or spading fork from time to time. A few deep soakings during the growing season will prolong bloom time. Wait and cut back in spring to ensure hardiness.
Plant Type Perennial
Height 32-36 inches
Width 18-20 inches
Flowering Season May to July
Flower Color Pink
Sun Sun, Part Sun
Water Needs Dry to xeric
USDA Hardiness Zone Zones 5-9
Soil Type Clay, sandy
Deer Resistant Yes
Good for Pollination Yes
Winter Interest No
North American Native Yes
Year Introduced 2015
Annual Commercial Maintenance Hand trim back dead stems in spring.
5-10 Year Commercial Maintenance Follow annual maintenance. This can be a long lived perennial if growing conditions are correct. Allow to go to seed
Elevation Guide Up to 6200 ft