Meadow Blazing Star

Liatris ligulistylis

Liatris ligulistylis withmonarck butterfly
Punctuate the garden with Meadow Blazing Star's rosy-purple flowers! This native is tolerant of heat, humidity, drought and prefers a sunny to a partly sunny location. Pair it with other prairie plants such as WINDWALKER® Royal Red salvia, big bluestem grass and Engelmann's daisy for a feast for the eyes! It isn't fussy about soils and is a calling card for hummingbirds, native bees, and many butterflies!
Plant Type Perennial
Height 1.5'-3'
Width 1.5'
Flowering Season August-September
Flower Color Rosy purple
Sun Sun, Partial Sun
Water Needs moderate to low
USDA Hardiness Zone 3-8
Soil Type loam, tolerant of rocky, sandy and alkaline soils
Deer Resistant Yes
Good for Pollination Yes
Winter Interest No
North American Native Yes
Year Introduced 2022
Annual Commercial Maintenance Trim back in spring
5-10 Year Commercial Maintenance Follow annual maintenance and replace plants if needed
Elevation Guide 6000