Chieftain manzanita

Arctostaphylos x coloradensis ‘Chieftain'

Chieftain manzanita, Arctostaphylos x coloradoensis, Plant Select
Chieftain manzanita is a selection from the Uncompaghre Plateau in western Colorado. It's a much more vigorous manzanita than other Plant Select® introductions. It's also the largest of our hardy manzanitas.

Oval leaves emerge with a reddish tint changing to bold dark green, persisting through the winter making this an outstanding evergreen groundcover. White flowers tinged with pink appear in late spring followed by red berries in early fall. Striking, smooth cinnamon-red to purplish exfoliating bark appears as the plant matures.

Tips from the pros: Does best when planted on slopes with good drainage - consider expanded shale or squeegee when amending clay soil. Seems to prefer shade in the late afternoon. Give it room to grow, even though it's slow to establish.

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Plant Type Shrub
Height 1-2 feet
Width 5-6 feet
Flowering Season Early spring
Flower Color Pink
Sun Sun, Partial Sun
Water Needs Moderate to xeric
USDA Hardiness Zone Zones 5-8
Soil Type Loam, sandy
Deer Resistant Yes
Good for Pollination Yes
Winter Interest Yes
North American Native Yes
Year Introduced 2013
Annual Commercial Maintenance Never touch unless there is damage to branches and only prune those branches out in spring.
5-10 Year Commercial Maintenance Follow annual maintenance. This can be a long lived woody shrub if growing conditions are correct.
Elevation Guide Up to 8125 ft