HOT WINGS® Tatarian maple

Acer tataricum 'GarAnn' PP 15,023

Hot Wings Tatarian Maple, Acer tataricum GarAnn, Plant Select
Hot Wings Tatarian Maple, Acer tataricum GarAnn, Plant Select
Attractive maple tree with showy fall color. Brilliant red samaras look like flaming flowers in mid-summer. Ideal for home landscapes where a smaller tree is desired. Read more here.

Tips from the pros:

  • May produce seedlings which are easy to pull, if desired.
  • Set your HOT WINGS® up on its own drip irrigation zone or group it with shrubs. (If you plant this tree in a spot that gets frequent irrigation, like a bluegrass lawn, you may encourage more seedlings than you'd prefer.)
  • HOT WINGS® has strong branch unions, but it can experience some limb damage in snowstorms. Gently brush the snow off your tree during heavy snowstorms, particularly in the spring and fall. Trim back long branches or branches vulnerable to snow. And don't plant this tree under the eaves of a house where snow loads can slide off and damage it.
  • Plant Type Tree
    Height 15-18 feet
    Width 15-18 feet
    Flowering Season Summer
    Flower Color Red (samaras)
    Sun Sun, Partial Sun
    Water Needs Moderate to dry
    USDA Hardiness Zone Zones 4-10
    Soil Type Clay, loam, sandy
    Deer Resistant No
    Good for Pollination Yes
    Winter Interest Yes
    North American Native No
    Year Introduced 2007
    Annual Commercial Maintenance Every summer trim back any suckers that may occur at base. Use ISA practices for pruning otherwise, leave it alone.
    5-10 Year Commercial Maintenance Follow ISA pruning practices or call a certified arborist.
    Elevation Guide Up to 7500 ft.