PRAIRIE JEWEL® penstemon

Penstemon grandiflorus 'P010S'

Prarie Jewel penstemon, Penstemon grandiflorus P010S
This select strain of the showiest of the northern Great Plains' penstemons was developed from the Seeba hybrids by Mary Ann Heacock of Denver. It has giant flowers that range from pure white, through lavender and rose-pink to a deep purple-violet. The silvery rosettes are attractive all year. Perennial. Xeriscape.

Tips from the pros: Excessive watering encourages weak growth that is not self-supporting and causes plant to be short-lived. However, it will persist in buffalo grass or the xeriscape. Deadhead for the first two years to avoid seed set - will result in a stronger plant.
Plant Type Perennial
Height 20-36 inches
Width 8-12 inches
Flowering Season Early summer
Flower Color Purple mixed
Sun Sun
Water Needs Moderate to xeric
USDA Hardiness Zone Zones 3-9
Soil Type Dry loam or sandy loam
Deer Resistant Yes
Good for Pollination Yes
Winter Interest No
North American Native Yes
Year Introduced 2000
Annual Commercial Maintenance Hand trim back dead stems in spring.
5-10 Year Commercial Maintenance Follow annual maintenance and allow to go to seed. Thin out any undesireable seedlings.
Elevation Guide Up to 6200 ft