DOG TUFF™ grass

Cynodon 'PWIN04S'

Cynodon, Dog Tuff grass
Cynodon, Dog Tuff grass
A fabulous xeric alternative lawn grass for high traffic areas, DOG TUFF™ grass is named for its exceptional durability in yards with dogs. A sterile hybrid African form that spreads via runners, this grass is similar to American buffalo grass but more resilient to wear and tear. Once established, it is highly weed-resistant, deep rooted and provides a soft, cushioned feel for bare feet. A warm-season grass, Dog Tuff™ turns green in late spring and goes dormant in mid-Autumn. Drought tolerant, resistant to dog urine, and useful for erosion control. Xeriscape. Read more here.
Plant Type Groundcover
Height 2.5" to 4"
Width 2'+
Flowering Season Insignificant
Flower Color Insignificant
Sun Sun
Water Needs Moderate to xeric
USDA Hardiness Zone Zones 5-10
Soil Type Clay, loam, sandy
Deer Resistant No
Good for Pollination No
Winter Interest No
North American Native No
Year Introduced 2016