Plant Select Retailer & Grower Plant List 2020

Please download and complete the 2020 Retailer & Grower Plant List 2020 spreadsheet by placing an “X” by the plants you are selling under the sizes you sell them in. Please email the spreadsheet to

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The 2020 Plant Select promotions!
Amorpha nana – Dwarf Leadplant
Artemisia abrotanum ‘Leprechaun’ – Leprechaun Southernwood WINDWALKER® Series
Clematis hexapetala ‘Mongolian Snowflakes’ – Mongolian Snowflakes Clematis
Dracocephalum ruyschiana – Indigo Blue Dragonhead
Stachys x lavandulifolia – Pink Cotton Lamb’s Ear (green form)
Stachys x lavandulifolia ‘P020S’ – Summer Frost Pink Candy (silver form)
Thermopsis lupinoides – Golden Candles