Congratulations 2020 Plant Select Partner Award Winners!

September 10th, 2020

Plant Select proudly recognizes Jane Shellenberger, editor, and founder of Colorado Gardener, with an Individual Partner Award for bringing environmentally sound and water-wise gardening practices to readers for over twenty years! Harding Nursery in Colorado Springs is recognized with an Organizational Partner Award for their dedication to growing and promoting Plant Select plants and for outstanding participation! Colorado and Wyoming both shine with Showcase Garden Awards given to The West Center Street Garden by the Converse County Master Gardeners of Douglas, Wyoming, and the Colorado State University Extension Boulder County in Longmont, CO! We applaud their beautiful work and dedication! We are happy to announce this year’s Golden Shovel Award belongs to Jefferson County Extension in Golden, CO– A consistently beautiful garden with steadfast volunteers! All of these award winners rise above to connect their communities to the big wide world of water-wise gardening! Thank you, and congratulations to All!